Unified Controller nv series Integrated Controller V-series License Password Request Form

V-series products(ex.support software) password are requested.
Please complete the following form.

  • The automatic response mail of the acceptance completion is sent to the input mail address.
    Re-request after confirming the mail address if you do not receive mail.
  • When your request was performed on holiday of our company(Saturday, Sunday, national holiday, etc.), we reply it after the next working day.
  • There is the case that 3-5 working days are necessary to issue a password.
  • The information you give us will be used to improve our services in general.
  • Children under 16 years old should only submit registry after receiving the consent of their parent or guardian.

Please be sure to fill in items marked

Product info.

Product name.
Version number.
ex. V2.3.0
Serial number.
8 or 11 characters
ex. ABCD1234 or ABCD1234-01
Refer to the label of CD or the outside box for the Serial number.
Note: "GET9xxxxx" is not the Serial number
Protect ID


Your full name
Company name
Department and Section
Phone number
E-mail address
Retype E-mail address


Reason Request again
Old Protect ID
When the license password of Serial number that has already been issued is requested,
you should input reason and the old Protect ID.
If they are not input, we might not issue the license password to you.


Comment(If necessary.)