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Toshiba Group Environmental Report 2018 Questionnaire Survey

  • We appreciate your comments and suggestions.
How to fill in the questionnaire

  • Please be sure to fill in items marked "required".

Q1. How do you rate Toshiba Group’s Environmental Report 2018 required

Please state the reason(s).

Q2. What are your expectations for Toshiba Group Environmental Report and disclosure of environmental information?

Q3. What is your evaluation of Toshiba Group Environmental Report 2018? required

a. Content           
b. Design           
c. Length           
d. Ease of understanding           

Please state your reason(s).

Q4ーa. Which subject(s) were you most interested in and why?(multiple answers possible) required

Please state the reason(s).

4-b.Please tell me what you would like to know more information about(Up to 3) required

Q5. Which of the following best describes you or your affiliation?  required

( )

(Please specify:

Q6. Please feel free to make comments or suggestions on Toshiba Group Environmental Report 2018.

Thank you. We appreciate it if you would answer the following.




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